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We understand the importance of data, and we play a significant role in ensuring that Data Centres achieve a high-security control over how their client’s data are destroyed. Data Centres should not take any unnecessary risks – Data Security is paramount. This is why Data Centres must ensure that data is destroyed right on-site while data is still in their custody. This will altogether remove all risks associated with transporting inactive data and materials.

Our products are designed to enable data centres to destroy sensitive data within the data centre’s environment. We also help you meet all data regulatory standards, requirements, and procedures and avoid non-compliance fines and penalties arising from data leaks, breaches, or compromise.

As an additional service, Data Centres use our data destruction technologies for revenue generation – this also boosts the confidence and trust of their client as a reliable DC operator.

We are trusted globally for managing decommissioned equipment and secure data destruction, including magnetic drives, solid states, backup tapes, and other media storage devices.


The healthcare sector plays a critical role in every economy, requiring advanced technologies that consistently support their high standard operational procedures, data management, and data protection and security. Our tailored solutions enable every player in the industry, ranging from hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinics and medical centres, nursing and care homes, blood banks and dialysis centres, and rehabilitation centres, to embrace innovative technology in their data destruction procedures. Our products have testimonials from notable healthcare clients in helping them effectively carry out their duties of protecting private information and data. Our solutions also help the sector save huge costs, valuable time, and human resources in simplifying its data destruction procedures.


These are highly sensitive sectors when it comes to data destruction. The destruction of sensitive items by all government parastatals, military, ministries, and their partners should be undertaken through a secure and safe process with best-practice guidance. Our data destruction technologies have been developed to meet those robust procedures for a secure destruction process to mitigate threats arising from destruction processes such as accidental loss, emergency abandonment, espionage, hijack or vehicle theft, insider attack, and theft. This helps them improve services at lower costs by utilising advanced technology to increase efficiency and productivity.

Our products provide a third-party approach to confirm the highest level of protection and secure destruction of sensitive data on-site. That is why our manufacturing sites are highly secured and protected to maintain and sustain our reputation as a leader in data destruction technology design and manufacturing.


Notably, among the various types of institutions and sectors holding any identifying information and personal data of their clients or customers, banks and other financial institutions may have the most sensitive information. They not only have their customers’ names, addresses, and phone numbers but also have their account information and sensitive security questions and answers stored on several storage devices.

These institutions are not limited to banks alone but also insurance companies, stock broking firms, asset and investment management companies, accounting and auditing firms, and other organisations that store consumer credit information or data.

Our data destruction solutions help financial institutions completely erase the data on their drives and destroy the drives or storage devices all in one place.



Data management and destruction security is everyone’s business. Safe and secure data destruction is paramount from large corporate entities to private organisations and end-users. Do you require our data destruction technology as a client’s service offering, or for your personal use? Our variety of data destruction products will help you achieve your requirements. Our products are rugged, durable, affordable, and top-notch quality in meeting your expectations. We will provide you with complete product lifecycle support anytime – anywhere.


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