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@RACK Limited has its foundation in
the security, defence, and healthcare sector.

We are notable for designing, manufacturing, and selling the UK’s most advanced and cost-effective range of data destruction technologies.

Our products greatly simplify your in-house procedures and completely remove chain of custody breaches. Our range of products has been specifically designed and built to facilitate the Data Centres, Defence and Security sectors, financial institutions, Healthcare, Government and Public agencies, and Private end-users in their duty to protect private information and data in compliance with all data management standards. This, among others, is why we are the DATA CENTRE ICT SECURITY INNOVATION OF THE YEAR.



Our Mission is to be recognised as a world-class design and manufacturing company in data destruction technologies.



Design and manufacture the best data destruction solutions, retain a diverse global customer base, provide complete product life-cycle support, and retain the best team for quality delivery.



To be inclusive, transparent, passionate, enthusiastic, and proud of our solutions to all users with excellence and social responsibility.



Our business activities interact with the environment in various ways, impacting key areas of energy usage and waste materials generation. We recognise our responsibility to the environment around us.


A useful and portable data destruction product from @RACK simplifies a very important function for anyone that wants complete data destruction security and assurance. Whether it be in their own server room or a DC where they want complete control of the data destruction process. We have one on stand-by for any client who wants us to remove hardware and guarantee data destruction before the media leave’s the building. No need for expensive generators in the car park, no need for a 3rd-party either.

Toby Jennings

Director, Servero Ltd., UK




We design the best and innovative range of technologies that meet our customers’ current and future demands. Our engineers, programmers, design research teams, business developers, and decision-makers harnessed their expertise to ensure we have products specifically built to meet our customer’s demands. Our innovative designs are built to fit into all sectors in compliance with the data destruction procedures of each region and territory in which we have a presence.


We manufacture our data destruction technologies in a highly controlled and secure environment. We also go through approved standard testing and verification for every single product before we sell and distribute it to our suppliers worldwide. Safety and Security are our topmost priority, and we strive to ensure we put the interest of our customers first when it comes to data destruction security.


We proactively diagnose and resolve issues associated with our products’ design, manufacturing, and distribution. We have a global reach of dedicated distributors and partners serving our clients across the continents in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia (Oceania). We are expanding our territories and growing exponentially and constantly looking for more distributors and suppliers across regions.


We do not only design and build; we also make efforts to satisfy all our customers. We partner with agents and engineers in all territories to ensure our customers derive the total satisfaction and support they need by using our products. Our global pre-sales and post-sales team, customer services, and engineers are always ready to help. We partner with agents and engineers in all territories to ensure our customers get the prompt help and assistance they need within 24 hours – We value our customers!


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    What is a data destruction product?

    Data destruction products refer to specialised equipment designed to securely and permanently erase data from storage devices such as hard drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), and magnetic tapes. Our Mobile Data Destruction System (MDDS) is one of our various data destruction products.

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    What types of storage media can our data destruction products handle?

    Our data destruction products can handle a wide range of storage media, including hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, CDs/DVDs, magnetic tapes, and many more. We have different designs and options for all your data destruction needs and specific requirements.

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    Are our data destruction products compliant with data protection regulations?

    All our data destruction products are designed to meet and help you align with data protection regulations such as GDPR, NSA, and NIST standards, ensuring compliance with data privacy laws.

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    Can data be recovered after using our Mobile Data Destruction System (MDDS)?

    NO, data cannot be recovered once our Mobile data destruction MDDS has been used correctly. Our innovations are designed to make data irretrievable which best mitigate the risk of data breach.

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    How can I choose the right data destruction products for my needs?

    Selecting the right data destruction products depends on factors such as the type of media you need to destroy, security requirements, and compliance standards. Reach out to us to make an informed decision. We are here to help you anytime.

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    Is training required to operate our Mobile Data Destruction System (MDDS)?

    All our products are easy and simple to use with minimal training required. We often recommend user training to operate our Mobile Data Destruction System safely and effectively. We provide free training and operational guidelines for proper usage of the MDDS.

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    Does our Mobile Data Destruction System generate data audit certificates?

    YES, our Mobile Data Destruction System can automatically email stakeholders data audit certificates and this will also be available for download from our centralised cloud-base portal. This will allow our clients access to a single point of regulatory assurance. The certificates are securely stored on the client’s for up to 5 years.

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    How often should our Mobile Data Destruction System be maintained or calibrated?

    Our Mobile Data Destruction System has been designed and built to require minimal maintenance imaginable. We recommend regular maintenance such as emptying the crusher tray to ensure that product continues to operate effectively and securely.

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    What support is available for using our Mobile Data Destruction System?

    We provide free customer service and technical support for all our customers. Our engineers will be onsite to attend to all your product needs within 24hours of contacting our customer services. All our products also come with warranty. Our lines and social media platforms are also available to assist you.

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    What is the cost of our Mobile Data Destruction System?

    Our Mobile Data Destruction System is cost-effective, durable, and rugged. We combine high quality with affordability to manufacture the best data destruction technologies. Request for a free quote.

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    Can our Mobile Data Destruction System be used for both small-scale and large-scale data destruction?

    Yes, our Mobile Data Destruction System can accommodate both small-scale operations, such as individual use, and large-scale operations for businesses, data centres, healthcare sectors, financial institutions, and any data-centric organisation.

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    Can I test or experience the MDDS product in action before a purchase?

    YES, we provide FREE onsite testing or demo experience for all our customers for our Mobile Data Destruction System (MDDS). We also have the option of live virtual demo experience for all customers anywhere – anytime. Book a quick and free live demo experience here https://at-rack.zohobookings.com

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    Are there any environmental concerns with using our data destruction products?

    Some data destruction methods, like shredding, can generate waste. It’s important to consider the environmental impact and adhere to proper disposal practices for destroyed media. Reach out to us if you need help with the proper disposal of your waste.

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    What is the difference between our degaussing and shredding solutions?

    Our degaussing products erases data by demagnetising the storage media, while our shredders physically destroy the media by cutting it into small pieces. Degaussing is suitable for magnetic media, while shredding works for various types. We offer both destruction technologies and other innovative solutions for your specific needs.

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    What types of data destruction products are available with us?

    We have different types of data destruction products, including degaussers, shredders, disintegrators, crushers, and overwrite devices. Each method of destruction offers different but high levels of security and is suited for specific types of media.

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    How does our data destruction product work?

    Our data destruction products work by employing various techniques such as erasing magnetic fields, physically shredding media, and crushing to make it unrecoverable. Our Mobile Data Destruction System (MDDS) among other functions will erase data on your drives and crush the device within 55 seconds cycle-time.

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    Why is data destruction important for you?

    Data destruction is crucial to protect your sensitive information and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. It prevents unauthorised access to confidential data or information, and mitigates the risk of data breaches. That is why we exist as your No.1 data destruction company.

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